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Success Unwrapped-Shannon Ferraby


I believe that the most valuable gift you have to offer,

in every area of your life, is YOU!

Do you believe that? Or do you, like so many women, believe the lies in your head whispering (or maybe sometimes shouting!), you are not good enough, talented enough, experienced enough, and so many more "enoughs".

Enough is Enough!!

I want to slam the door on those lies and help you open the door to a fabulous, successful, joy filled future; Believing in YOUR Value!


It was a privilege and honor to be Christine Schlonski's guest on her amazing podcast, Heart Sells!

Head to: https://itunes.apple.com/…/heart-sells-with-c…/id1445651536…

https://christineschlonski.com/036shannonferraby (and click on itunes, spotify, or the listening venue of your choice) to listen in on our powerful conversation and stop listening to the lies that you aren't good enough, don't know enough, or don't have what it takes to succeed! You do!

I'm so grateful to Christine for the opportunity to chat with her and her audience! If you'd like to download and read a free chapter of Success Unwrapped, Direct Sellers' A-Z Event Guide , you'll find it here:

To purchase a copy of Success Unwrapped: 

To purchase a signed copy of Overcoming Mediocrity, Influential Women, where I share my personal story and detail the 5 steps mentioned during the interview, email me at Shannon@shannonferraby.com

Self pity and isolation are fertilizer for lies, but giving and serving others is a growth hormone for believing in your own value! I believe in you and that the best thing you have to offer in your business and in life-is yourself! 


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Watch this video to hear what Bob Burg, Best Selling Author and Critically acclaimed speaker, has to say about Shannon and having her speak or train at your next event!