About Shannon



Homeschooling Mommy to 5
Direct Sales
Certified Go-Giver Speaker,
trainer and coach

Kicking People in the Pants!

My goal is to provide an incredible amount of valuable information & encouragement right here on this site! Check out my blog whenever you have a quick 5 minutes and need some inspiration. And be sure to join me for a daily KIP! A kick in the pants to get you up and moving in the right direction each day!

Welcome! I am honored that you have taken the time to visit my site and it's my pleasure to meet you!

I hope that we will get to know one another over time. For now, let me share a bit about myself.

"Shannon talks too much" was the common theme on every report card & from every teacher, every school year from kindergarten through college! I swear I must have been born talking and it takes a hard life blow to keep me quiet for any given amount of time.
Imagine-being born in a certain way, feeling like it's truly a part of you, but it seems no matter where you are or who you share that "part of you" with, it's criticized and you are told to push that part of you down, hide it, control it, just BE QUIET already!
Until about 6 years ago when I first found Lilla Rose. I entered the world of direct sales. But so much more than selling, I embarked on a journey of encouraging ladies all over the country! Using my words-through trainings, speaking at conventions and conferences, phone calls, videos, FB posts and more- I found my voice to be my greatest strength after all!
In some ways I can not believe it took me almost 40 years of living to find my "calling" in life and a place where my voice and my "gift" of speaking has found a home! That's right. It's a "gift" of speaking. Not a curse, and not something that I should hide or try to keep quiet. Really, all I needed? Was to find the right people who needed to hear my voice.
If you are here? Visiting my website? I believe that's you. Welcome to what I believe might be the beginning of you finally finding yourself-where you belong and then making the most of it!