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Hi! I'm so glad you decided to stop by and visit! My name is Shannon and I don't know about you, but I'm not going to let being over 50 get in the way of staying young!

Have you ever had a time when someone asked you your age and your instinct was to say something WAY younger? Like "27!" LOL I'm so glad we don't actually have to grow up. Let's just stop trying. :)

Instead of worrying about growing up or growing older, let's  focus on never giving up on growing to be the best we can be, having a blast finding our purpose and looking pretty while we do it! Deal?



Some things about me:

I met my husband Marc, in England, while studying abroad for a semester in college. I like to tease him that he was my souvenir. We were married less than a year later, after being separated by an ocean for 8 months of that time.

We've been married over 28 years now, have 5 children ages 13-24 and are excited to be at the stage in life where extras are being added (significant others and fur baby grandchildren)


Something I hate:
snow and cold. Yeah, yeah, I know, it looks pretty. And some people LOVE it. But not me. But we did discover this year, that when I really love our newest puppy (which I do), I'm willing to sacrifice and be in the snowy cold for her. Truth be told, we live in the snow belt in OH-I'm kinda used the white frozen tunda at this point.

Things I love:
Coffee, tea, scuba diving, Lilla Rose,
exploring new things with my husband-like beekeeping, bike riding for the first time in over 25 years, and traveling. Oh I love to travel! My favorite trip was to Bali for our 25th anniversary and my favorite place to go time and time again is Roatan, Honduras. 



Things I'm scared of:
Sharks, needles and the older I get the less I can handle heights.

Things I am doing to overcome those fears:
I did a dive with wild reef sharks. Thrilling. Terrifying. Likely not to happen again for a while. LOL

Got a tattoo of a sea turtle on my ankle. That's a lot of needles I tell ya.

Heights: zip lined across the canopy jungles in Roatan. Phew. Still not 100% recovered.

Things I still want to learn:
Fluent Spanish.
Muchas gracias por leer sobre mí. Cuéntame algo sobre ti.
(Thank you very much for reading about me. Tell me something about you. )

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