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About Lilla Rose

You can't see it in this photo-but that's me scuba diving in Honduras, and wearing a Lilla Rose flexi clip while doing it!
It's because of all the ways we have been blessed, financially and otherwise, through Lilla Rose that trips like these have been possible for our family!

Click on an image above or contact me for more information about Lilla Rose hair accessories or starting your own Lilla Rose business!

Ahhh.....where do I begin?
In 2010 I attended a homeschool convention. I was supposed to be buying books for my 5 homeschooled children, but you know what happens when you see something shiny!!

I walked past a booth so crowded with women, I could barely see what was on the display! I had to check it out for myself! There on the racks, were the most beautiful, beaded on piano wire, hair clips I had ever seen. Of particular interest to me, was the very teeny tiny one called a mini. My hair is so thin and fine! Nothing holds it well! I was ecstatic when the vendor let me try one on and I couldn't believe it! It stayed put! It was so comfortable! It was so pretty!

Needless to say, my poor kiddos had to skip school that year. No books for them! Momma bought herself a whole buncha hair pretties! JK...I got them some books. :)
Only a few days after finding Lilla Rose Flexi Clips, I was walking my baby in the stroller in our neighborhood. From behind, I heard a car coming and then a man whistling at me! I turned my head-appaled! To think a random guy was whistling like that at a Mommy with a baby! I was just about ready to give him a dirty look, when I was my husband! Seriously ladies, he is not a whistler, and normally didn't notice my hair at all! I just KNEW it was because I had done it up in a twist with a flexi clip!

There was no doubt in my mind. If I loved them this much? And even my husband loved them? Then ladies everywhere needed to find out about these amazing hair accessories!
I enrolled as a Lilla Rose Stylist and have been sharing the Lilla Rose love ever since! With a team of almost 6,000 ladies across the United States, I enjoy leading company training calls, speaking at conventions, leading regional workshops and best of all? The daily opportunity to see the smile on ladies faces when they feel and see Lilla Rose in their hair for the first time!

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