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Join the group now-look forward to a live workshop in the future!!

Contact Shannon to order your copy of Overcoming Mediocrity today!
You'll be inspired by this  unique collection of stories, with Shannon's as the first chapter, of women who have created lives of significance!

Believing in

Your Value!

What others are saying....

"Her excitement is contagious!" -Penny R. TN

"I wouldn't be where I am in this business if it weren't for Shannon. She's been available to me personally hundreds of times! I listened to every single one of her training calls for two or three years, and she always kept me determined and plugging along on my business!" -Heather M., Ohio

"Shannon is so fun and approachable and down to earth yet so determined and motivated that she makes me believe that I can do it, too!" -April B, Texas

"Two things stand out to me when I think of Shannon's special ability to motivate: 1) She lives in the real world and knows we live there, too. I hear so many speakers that I cannot relate to at all because they only offer help to one type of person. They cannot adapt to help a Homeschool mom, an empty-nester, a waitress who works full-time, a single mom who works two other jobs, and on and on. Shannon doesn't tell us to just "do this" at all costs but gives real suggestions that we can actually do daily and move forward and she celebrates doing that one thing with us! 2)  She has told us that not everything she does works. If you cannot show your failures, you cannot share your success. It would have been easy to only share the good parts and appear golden and think that is inspiring. But what happens when your followers fail? They think they did something wrong and become discouraged. So thankful we have a leading voice in LR that prepares us for the failures and the getting back up. It's the kindest thing a true leader can do." -Karie B. , Ohio

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