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The Your Daily KIP Book Club Has Begun! heG

We are currently enjoying the book Go Pro by Eric Worre. If you are ready to stop being a poser, or even an amateur and become a professional in your network marketing business, this book club study is for you! Join us by request here:

Are you interested in knowing the difference between an entrepreneur driven by passion and someone who just has a job? Better yet...are you ready to be the first? The Your Daily KIP (kick in the pants) Book Club will begin on Feb. 1st! The first book we will read and discuss together is pictured below. If you'd like to join us, order the book and click this link to request to join!


(Disclaimer-the book contains some 'choice language" that might not be acceptable to all. Heads up in case you prefer to wait and join us when we are reading a different book. <3)