This page is for leaders or those who have already made the decision to become a great leader!

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Leader's Corner

You are a dreamer & a doer! You have goals & are working hard to make them happen! You love to help others reach their goals and you have a big picture mentality! You've found the right page!

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Start by managing "things" but leading people!

There is a very distinct difference between being a manager and being a leader. The people on your team will notice, even if they can't clearly communicate which category you fall into. You might desire to be more of a leader, one that others willingly and even excitedly choose to follow, but if no one is following? You aren't quite there yet. :) You might just be taking a lonely walk to who knows where. Take a look at this great list I found shared on Resourceful Manager . 17 Traits in an easy to read and understand chart that help you determine: 
1. Are you acting like a manager or a true leader? Just go through the list and honestly rate which side you more often fall on.
2. What can you do-right now-to start being more of a true leader for your team! Choose one or more areas and really work at trying to implement some of the leaderships responses and traits. Your team will soon recognize you as a fantastic leader they admire, respect and are excited to follow!