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5 Minutes in My Backyard

The finches bright yellow shouts "find happiness!" The morning dove coos, "breathe deep, smell this fresh new day!" Chitter, chatter and the squirrels' tail pulses in excitement over seeds

dropped and shared by the birds overhead. Blue Jays swoop, cardinals sing. The dog basks in the sun. "Thank you for the cool drink", bobs the head of the sparrow in the bird bath. "Let's play chase!" screeches the robin as he chases after another. Close your eyes human. Listen. "Coo-ooo-ooo", fluttering wings, songs and chatter, puppy paw steps. Feel the sun on your face. Breathe. 5 minutes in my backyard. Now, open your eyes and remember: Over 50 people were shot and killed in Orlando. A girl was dragged by an attempted kidnapper in a dollar store. Unborn babies are killed by the millions. A college student raped another while she was unconscious. A young child could have been killed by a gorilla and all people can do is point fingers of blame instead of being grateful he's alive.

Children are sold into sex slavery-right here! In our country and in others! "WAIT! STOP!" "What's that buzzing sound behind my head?" A hummingbird hovers and mightily flaps it's colorful wings. Inches from my tear filled eyes, heavy heart and hurting head. Close your eyes, human. I think I'll enjoy just.... 5 more minutes in my backyard.

#orlando #birds #gorilla #morning #reflection #peaceful #backyard

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