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The Writing is on the Wall

Sometimes I get my best ideas at the craziest times! Being a very spontaneous person, I know that if I don't act on my idea right away? It's never. gonna .happen. One night, after all the littles were tucked soundly in bed, and my husband decided it was time to crash for the night, I got a brilliant idea! "I'm going to paint a verse on our kitchen wall!" "Now?", my husband replied. "It's 11 o'clock at night!" Yes, "now" is exactly when I meant! So that night, while the rest of the house slept, I stayed up all through the night and painted a Bible verse on my kitchen wall! I was pretty proud of myself. I even went as far as to print out the verse in the font I wanted to copy. I worked slowly and carefully. Wanting it to look ever so professional and pretty! The walls were a light cream, and the paint a deep blue. It was coming along beautifully! Finally, around 5 am, I completed the project. I stood back and admired my work. "This is going to be just perfect!" I thought to myself. "Every day, while in the kitchen, I can read this verse and be reminded of the woman, wife and mommy I am striving to be!" I fell asleep on the couch, proud of my accomplishment. The first to wake up and see my masterpiece was my then, 8 year old son, Liam. "Mommy. Mommy wake up." he gently tapped me out of my satisfied slumber. "Mommy, you worked so hard. And your painting looks really pretty.....but...." I sat up. "But? but what?" Liam continued, "But strength? Has a 'g" in it." And so it does. And so mine didn't.

The word "strenth" was painted in the middle of several words, pretty close together. There was no way that I would be able to paint over it or fix it. For the rest of our years living in that house, we had this Bible verse, spelling error and all, painted on our wall. People would come over and I could always tell when they reached that line as they read the script on my wall.

I could see their eyes and knew they were contemplating, "Should I tell her she spelled strength wrong?". I would laugh and save them the decision by saying, "I know, strength has a "g" in it. I decided to leave it just as it is. It really helps me. Every day? I get to read that verse and be reminded that I'm not perfect." I make mistakes. My kids make mistakes, we all make mistakes. But it's ok. The writing is on the wall-and it's still beautiful.

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