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Are You Leading or Bossing?

In the direct sales world, there is an upside down truth. Some embrace this. And others? Fight against it tooth and nail. The truth is, that no matter how many people have joined underneath you-no matter how big your "empire" or your paycheck, you are not-and never will be-their boss! And even more? In some ways? They are yours! "What? How could that be!" you exclaim. "I'm the one at the top! I built this team from nothing! I enrolled them all! I trained them! If it weren't for me......."

Stop! If it weren't for you? Let's back this train right up! If it weren't for THEM. YOU wouldn't have had customers, hostesses or a team at all! When they chose to enroll under you, and join your team, they essentially "hired" you. Once you grasp this upside down truth, you can get down to business of being a fantastic leader and stop trying to be or even thinking of yourself as a boss! Once you realize that your most important role as a leader? Is to actually lead? Phew-that can take a load off! You don't have to be perfect! You don't have to know everything! You certainly aren't there to tell them what to do or when to do it.

I once met a women in a different direct sales company to mine. She flat out told me, "Ha! I don't plan to ever buy or sell a thing! I'm awesome at recruiting and plan to make my fortune from training and my team's sales." Would you like to guess how that story ends? You're right. She did "recruit" a bit of an army. But they quickly tired of her drill sergeant approach with all talk and no action. They stopped selling (I mean, why should they? If she's not!) and she soon quit and moved on to the next shiny object. What you can and should be doing? Is leading. Leading by your example of consistent activity, determination and hard work! You help them most when you work right along side of them. They can see you selling, building a strong team and providing amazing support to your customers and them! They will catch on and begin to do the same leading for their team as it grows! They will appreciate your willingness to learn something new and share with them and your sincerity in wanting what is best for them in reaching their business goals! Rather than what is best for lining your pockets!

Here's the very best news of it all! Every day is a brand new day. And even if yesterday? You were a tad on the "bossy" side? Today you can show them you'll get your hands dirty! Time to Keep on Digging! Shannon


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