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You CAN Do the Impossible

I have heard too many women share the same sentiments to think I am alone in my all or nothing dilemma. When I can't clean the entire house? I'm tempted to not bother cleaning any part of it. If I'm afraid I won't complete a project well, or at all? I'm likely to avoid accepting the challenge in the first place. And the more overwhelming a task appears? Or the more I doubt my ability to do it very well? The chances increase that I won't even give it a go. This is for some, a defensive strategy. One might prefer being able to fall back on, "Well, I never actually tried" instead of a feeling of failure. For others it is simply a matter of letting circumstances overwhelm reality.

The circumstances might be that the entire house is a disaster! But the reality is that it would be better if even one room was cleaned! The same is true in almost every area of life and most certainly in your business!

One day I found myself overwhelmed with a huge pile of receipts from customers. The purpose of the receipt copy is for me to be able to follow up with and build relationships with the customers. But one neglected stack from a craft show soon became two, then three and so on. The pile was overwhelming! A daily, visual reminder that I am not doing what I'm supposed to be doing! And due to the stack's growing size? It started to become a temptation to just toss the whole thing in the trash! I mean, then I wouldn't have to see it and be reminded I'm a slacker, right?! My circumstances were overwhelming my reality!

Thankfully, I did not cave and ditch the stack! Instead? I planned an attack! When you feel overwhelmed, instead of giving up or giving in, try this:

1. Start by doing what's necessary! In the circumstance of a disaster house? That might be one small load of laundry so the kids have clean clothes tomorrow! In the case of my daunting receipt pile? It was contacting the one customer that had already emailed me and needed a response!

2. Next do what is possible! As soon as that one laundry load is going, you will realize you are up, you are making progress and you still have time before you have to head out the door! So do what is possible and continue in that room, or with other small tasks until you run out of time. After contacted that first customer? She was so grateful for my response and help, I didn't feel like such a failure anymore! I had about 45 minutes available and wound up getting through about 1/2 of the stack!

3. Suddenly? You will realize you are doing the impossible! That disaster house didn't consume you after all! Everyone has clean clothes, you can see the floor and , "ahhhh! It feels so good!" That monster piles of receipts? Was tackled in just 2 sessions! That first one, and one more the following day! What seemed overwhelming and impossible due to the circumstances was in reality not nearly as hard as I expected! Now...before you head off to pop in that load, or call a few last thing. Take this truth. This principle. And multiply it out. What is your biggest, you think it's impossible dream?'ve got it now! That dream come true is within your grasp! Go's time for you to START!

Here's to your impossible becoming your reality! Shannon 10/18/16

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