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What a Waste!

Did you ever hear the story of Punchinello & his boxes and balls, by Max Lucado? Punchinello is a wooden person, created by the Maker, Eli. One time, he and the other wooden people became obsessed with collecting boxes and balls! Who has the most!? Whose are the prettiest or the most expensive?! Finally, towards the end of the story the characters upped the ante! Now they raced to see who not only had the most boxes and balls, but who could be at the highest point in the village while holding them all! They pushed, shoved and ran for the mountain top!

In the story, the illustrations show the wooden people stepping on one another, crashing into each other, knocking each other over and boxes and balls tumbling everywhere! Punchinello was, himself, so busy watching what others were doing and his arms were so full of all the '"stuff" that he wasn't even on the right path! None of those wooden people reached what we would consider a "mountain top" experience. Or what you might call, "success".

It reminds me a lot of what happens sometimes when consultants are so busy comparing themselves to others and trying to one up each other. Feelings are hurt, "balls" are dropped, people go off course completely and at the end of the day? None of those consultants succeeds in reaching her goals! Stop wasting your energy on struggles and strife trying to beat others to the top!

Instead-just focus on being the very best YOU that you can be! Focus on serving your customers, building personal relationships with them, meeting their needs and providing such top notch value with every interaction that they will start raving about YOU to everyone they know! And who knows, along your way to success at that mountain top? Maybe you could even help someone up whose been knocked down carrying two many boxes and balls and racing against the others.

Here's to a day filled with serving & succeeding! Shannon


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