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Intentional Actions

"Oooh! Oooh! I've got it!! I'll buy this, and do that and then that other thing and I'll say such and such and...and..." Everything will go just right and your business will explode, right? Sound familiar?

Don't get me wrong, exciting ideas are exciting! And thinking through all you will do and say and being hopeful for the growth to come are all fantastic! However, there is a final step that goes far beyond the thinking, the planning, the buying, the preparing, the excitement and the hope.

It's called.....being Intentional. Or in other words- Paying Attention! All those great ideas, and even things you might buy to somehow enhance or grow your business are useless. A waste of your energy and money even.

If you are not paying attention when an opportunity comes knocking!

Just last week I took my littles to the zoo. While they enjoyed a several hour long zoo class, I had the pleasure of doing whatever I pleased with that time! I planned to get some work reading accomplished and found a nice place to sit in the zoo cafe. Now, long before this zoo trip, I got excited about buying the bag you see in the photo. I put thought into the purchase, as well as setting up the bag with my products on display. I imagined the attention and questions it would attract and was more than hopeful for the growth it would bring to my Lilla Rose business.

But I left out that one final step. I wasn't paying attention. Yes, I remembered to bring the bag to the zoo. Yes, I even (out of habit more than anything) remembered to put it up on the table, rather than the floor. But I wasn't paying attention. Plenty of ladies walked past my table or sat at their own near mine that morning. But all opportunities for sharing about my amazing products and company were wasted. As I was about to pack up and pick up my children, to my horror, I realized the bag had been sitting on the table, the entire time...BACKWARDS! Yup, backwards.

Being intentional is not always easy. Distractions and "life" in general put our mind on other things. But next time you are excited about your plan, what you have bought, set up, gotten together or whatever-for your business? Pay attention that you follow it through to completion so you can reap the rewards and excitement of actual benefits! Not just empty hope.

Success is more than possible. It's right there waiting for you to take it! But the difference between success and failure? Could be as simple as paying attention and turning around a bag!

Intent on Good Intentions, Shannon 10/20/16

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