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Chasing the Wrong Rabbit?


I get have bills to pay, children to feed, vacations to take and more! Money might not buy happiness, but it sure buys a lot of things we need to live and things we want and things we think we can only dream about that might make us happy!

But here's the problem. When we focus on the money, and spend so much time and energy just trying to keep our head above water earning it, we lose all the joy in our journey. We are no longer chasing a rabbit of happiness..but one of requirement. And let's face it-that rabbit is not such a fun guy!

IF you are like many people, working a traditional 9-5 job, you may have found yourself in a place where "work" has become monotonous at best and grueling at worst. Even those that are self employed and business owners can find themselves chasing that requirement rabbit and wishing instead they could just find happiness!

I believe the difference is in our intentions, our heart and our daily choices and actions. Chasing the requirement rabbit might pay your bills, buy a few nice things, and even provide a family vacation. But if you are miserable every day you are doing it? I ask you: is it worth it? Do you want to continue chasing that one?

You do have a choice. There is another rabbit! People the world over have found much happiness, success and Yes! Even much financial gain by chasing after different dreams. Not dreams of getting "more..gotta earn more...gotta do more" but dreams of giving. Dreams of serving. Dreams of helping others. And in the fulfilling of those dreams? Chasing after that rabbit? They find two things happen. 1. They are happy! Focusing on others and how you can serve and help them (regardless of what business you are in...helping and serving others is ALWAYS a rabbit you can chase) brings joy! and 2. They are paying those bills! Providing food and other needs! And even getting to take vacations and see other dreams come true! You see, chasing the happiness rabbit doesn't mean you have to give up on those things you need and want. You just change your intentions, your heart, your daily choices and actions. Instead of just another day of fulfilling requirements, reach out and serve! Help one more person get what they want and desire. And soon? Without even realizing it? That happiness rabbit won't even need to be chased anymore. He'll just abide right there, daily,with you! Here's to a Happy Day! Shannon 10/24/16

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