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What are You Feeding?

Unless you live in a bubble, or some world I've never heard of, distractions are pretty much impossible to avoid. Some things? We can accomplish even though we are constantly distracted We ladies can be amazing multi-taskers!! Like; talking on the phone and cleaning! Or folding laundry while calling out spelling words for children to practice.

But let's be honest for a minute. Accomplishing work, for our business, is not something easily done with a barrage of distractions coming from all directions! Some of these distractions are unavoidable. We won't discuss those. We all have them.

We have to face them, deal with them, and then get back to the matter at hand.

What I want to talk about are the distractions that we feed and feed into, These distractions are not only unnecessary and non-productive but also totally avoidable!

* You need to respond to emails for your customers, but you get sucked into the latest sale email from a store you like and shop instead.

* You decide to post on Facebook to attract some attention to your company's products. Two hours later you've done nothing but scroll and read through other people's posts.

* You put "follow up calls" on your to do list, but then the phone rings and you spend an hour gossiping with a friend over the latest drama going down.

* You know you need to book events and parties to keep your business moving forward but you allow distractions to become your excuses for not booking them. And so on.

Perhaps I should have titled this post, "What are Your Excuses?" Because the hard truth is? That is what our distractions become. Our excuses. Just one more "thing" we can blame for why we aren't doing what we need to be doing, what we say we want to accomplish and why we are not where we claim we want to be. Got any band aids? Because here comes an "ouch". The truth is: I think we allow things to distract us on purpose. It is simply easier to get sucked into shopping, scroll through mindless Face Book posts and gossip with friends then it is to just do the work! Lets stop making excuses and feeding into our distractions. WE have BIG, amazing dreams! We have people to help, customers to serve, empires of teams to build! You can only "feed" into so many time suckers each day. Some things are just going to have to starve! Time to starve those distractions that leave you feeling drained and unaccomplished and like a failure at the end of the day! Close Facebook! Don't open the sale emails! Don't pick up the phone if you have work to do! Instead? Feed Your Focus! Pick ONE thing today that you can and will focus on and get 'er done! You'll feel SO amazing and when you do? I won't be at all surprised if you rip off that band aid and accomplish another!

Famished for Focus! Shannon 10/25/16

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