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Today is Your Day!

And tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. So long as we have breath!

But the trick is to focus on them-as they come, one at a time! And the even harder part? Is letting go of yesterday.

We have a tendency to beat ourselves up for what we didn't accomplish yesterday and allowing that to stop us for moving forward today!

Forget yesterday!!!! So what if you didn't finish your to-do list? Who cares if you didn't make those follow up calls? No big deal if your house was left messy when you went to bed! "But..but...I could have..I should have...." NO! No buts! Yesterday is gone. Over. Finished.

You can't have a re-do of it. You can't change it. So stop thinking about it! Just forget yesterday!

Not only that, but stop getting so hung up on what tomorrow will bring! No one knows! YOU are not in control of that and worrying about it?

Focusing on it? Changes nothing and helps no one! You might spend all of today planning for tomorrow and then wake up sick. Or perhaps the turn will be one for the better than you could have imagined! Either way? You have no idea and no way of securing what will come.

You can't deny the truth of either of the above. Yesterday is gone and you can't change it. Tomorrow isn't here yet and you aren't in control of it. That leaves you with only one option. TODAY! And today is a great word! Filled with hope and promise and opportunity! Today is a fresh start! Every time! Today is the day you can be better than you have ever been before! You can put smiles on more faces, build up others who are down, reach out to those in need, work, clean, check off items on your to-do list-whatever!!! You ARE in control of your TODAY! Your RIGHT NOW! Your THIS SECOND! So hurry!!!! Because you never know what amazing things might be just waiting for you to discover them!

Not just "Good Morning" but "Great Today!" Shannon


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