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You are Not a Bear!

A bear eats and eats and puts on the pounds in preparation for a long winter nap! He escapes the cold and snow and hunger by sleeping that entire season away!

In the direct sales industry, I have found it to be true that some months are easier selling months than others. Like, for example, the months when it's easy for bears to find food! But unlike bears, we can not store up fat, hibernate (not sell or work) all winter long and expect to burst out into spring with a still successful and growing business!

Our customers, hostesses and team will have dwindled away and we will have to practically start our business all over again every spring!

No! We are not bears! We can not store up "business fat' and sleep the slow months away. We are more like squirrels. All during the plentiful, fall selling season, we should be gathering bits of "extra" and hiding it away in various places; like a squirrel hiding nuts! A little hostess nut in this spot, a little team treat of seeds in this nook and cranny, etc. When the cold winter blows in, we can take shelter in the cozy places for a little break. But...we dash out! Grab a nugget or two of something we've stashed away and keep our business bellies full!

Here are a few ideas to get you started on ways you can gather and store some "nuggets".

* Develop or find and save trainings to keep your team motivated during the slower months.

* Do a series of videos to have post ready for various social media sites and use the slower months to increase your following. * Book as many in home events as possible. Craft and vendor events will be much slower and harder to find. Ladies, however, will be itching to get out of the house and visit with friends! * Reach out to previous hostesses and customers with an exclusive special just for them! * Host a customer appreciation event in your home over the winter to thank all of your fall shoppers and hostesses!

By doing a bit of extra in the fall busy months and preparing ahead for the slower winter ones, you'll keep your business strong and healthy!

Feeling a bit "squirrelly" yet? Shannon 10/31/16

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