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Have You Even Tried to Move?

No rush and no pressure, but when you are ready. Ask yourself this question: "What is holding me back?"

Ask yourself when you are alone. When you are ready to be honest with your answer. Ask yourself when you have finally gotten to that point where you are almost shouting in your own head, "ENOUGH! Enough is enough! I am ready to do this!" Whatever your "this" is? Doesn't matter. It matters to you! But it doesn't matter if your "this" is different than my "this". We all have one. Some of us have more then one. That dream, that hope, those goals and desires of our deepest self. The ones you are almost afraid to say out loud because you think others might not believe in your, or worse, laugh!

And yet, though we all have a "this" we sit. And we wait. And we wonder, sometimes, why things are not happening faster or why we aren't seeing results we want and need, or even why (and this one is the most dangerous), others are achieving what we aspire to but seem to be making no progress towards reaching.

When you are ready.

No rush.

No pressure.

But ask yourself. "What is holding me back?"

You might just realize that it's you. You yourself are holding yourself back. Not other people. Not lack of opportunity.

Not lack of skills or talent. Not even your circumstances. But you. And the simple (but at the same time very emotional and complex) truth -

that you have not moved. Your past experiences, which have led to your self doubt- and for some-great fear, are keeping you still. You might have, without realizing it, convinced yourself it is better to stay still that to risk trying too hard and perhaps failing, and letting yourself and maybe others down.

The worst part of this self discovery? Is when you admit that by not moving?

By not even really trying? You haven't been able to notice your chains.

The chains that are holding you back from all the great and wonderful opportunities ahead! The chains that you have shackled upon yourself.

Are you ready to move now? Are you ready to admit you've been holding yourself back? That no one else is to blame for the daily choices you make? That's a tremendous achievement and something to be excited about! So...what are you waiting for? MOVE!!!! And let those chains, self doubt, fear, criticisms, circumstances, baggage from your past....let it ALL drop off on your way to making your dreams come true!!!

I can hear the clanging of the chains as they hit the floor! Shannon 11/6/16

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