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Bottom 95% or Top 5%?


Every time you forget to collect contact information from a customer-you just made a choice. Each time you let another day pass and don't mail that package, return that email, phone call or message-you just made a choice. When you neglect to follow up and show appreciation and inquire if your customer is satisfied-you just made a choice.

You do have a choice! You can be in the 95% of sales people who make promises they often don't keep, don't put the effort in to follow up with their customers, and rarely show appreciation or can be in the top 5% of sales people who go the extra mile! And really? It's more like the extra 100 yards.

What you need to do?

The effort you would need to put forth to be in the top 5%? Is surprisingly? Not a lot!!!

If you tell a customer you will mail their package on a certain day? Just do it! If you receive an email, text or call?

Return it as soon as possible, but certainly within 24 hours. If a customer purchases something from you? Be sure they are happy with their items, offer to be of any needed assistance and express how much you appreciate them! That's it. That's not a very long list! But it ZOOMS you to the TOP in the world of sales because so very many sales people "sell and so long" in one fell swoop! They see that one sale transaction as the be it and end all and miss out entirely on the customer relationship, referrals and future business potential! Don't join the majority in saying "Thanks for the sale! So long!" Instead, make a choice to invest yourself in being at the top of your game and the top of the list!

Be consistent, reliable and appreciative. BOOM! Welcome to the top 5%!

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