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Toilets, Hot Irons and Your Business!

Let's face it. We're all busy. We only have so many hours in a day and no one gets any extra! It doesn't matter if you have 10 kids or none, work from home or out of the house, are single or married. We all get 24 hours-to work, sleep, eat and play! do some people seem to accomplish so much? And some? So very little.

Join me for 5 minutes in my bathroom, and I'll share one of my secrets to making the most of every day and going to bed at night satisfied with that day's accomplishments!

You've heard before, that it takes about 21 days to create a steady habit. 21 days of doing the same thing. Whether you feel like it or not. And for most people? Around that 21 day mark? The habit is pretty well set and you are more likely to continue that behavior. Some time ago, I decided that I wanted to create a habit to clean my bathrooms daily. As soon as I exit the shower, I grab cleaning supplies, hop back in the tub and scrub it. I then clean the sink and toilet. I created the habit of doing this every day. How? By simply making myself do it! Every day! Does it need to be cleaned every Not likely. But here's what I have learned. If I don't strike while the iron is hot? I most likely won't strike at all! And the bathroom will get disgusting and days and days go by! When I woke up yesterday morning? I didn't feel "right". Not sick, not bad, just not "right". I was tempted to forego cleaning the bathroom. But then, this phrase popped into my head, "Strike while the iron is hot". Even though I didn't "feel like" cleaning the bathroom. Even though I didn't feel "right", I knew that I could do it. And that on another day? I might really, not be able to. So I cleaned it. Taking care of things, and striking while the iron is hot? Allows for some breathing room when the iron cools down and you just can't do the things that you normally can. Like....this morning. This morning I woke up with a full blown migraine and could barely lift my head. I was lying there remembering yesterday and so thankful I had taken care of my "household habits." That I listened to my inner voice and was willing to strike while the iron was hot! Because of those choices? This morning? I could sleep in, rest and not stress! Now, let's get out of my bathroom already! Let's relate this to our businesses! There are days when you are on fire with ideas! And yes! You have other obligations. Maybe, like me? You home school, have a household to run, and other commitments and projects on top of those! But when the iron is hot? When the ideas are flowing? When the fire is burning? When there are customers to follow up with and other things to be done?

You need to strike!!! Do it! Knuckle down and make time for it!

There won't be extra time-you have to make the time!

And..if you've been creating great habits in other areas? Those areas won't suffer much or for long.

You can forego a few things on your "other lists" to focus on your business while the iron is hot! Here is a great definition I found for that expression:

"To strike a hot piece of metal, especially iron, with a mallet or other tool before it cools, while it is still hot enough to be shaped. (idiomatic) To act on an opportunity promptly while favorable conditions exist; to avoid waiting." (Wiktionary) That's the idea!!! To act on an opportunity promptly! While favorable condition exist! To avoid waiting! So..what are you waiting for? Maybe today, you just don't feel "right", maybe you don't have as much energy as you'd like. Maybe you are very busy. I get it...we all are. But, tomorrow? The opportunity may have passed. The iron might have cooled. You may have missed a great chance to mold and shape and grow your business! Like me, this morning. Waking with a migraine that just wouldn't quit. Nor would it allow me to clean bathrooms, do school, or work on my business. Creating great, daily habits, and stopping anything I'm doing to strike while the iron is hot has been one of the secrets to managing home, family and business and reaching many exciting goals along the way! Ready to strike again, Shannon

bathroom will get disgusting as days, and days and days! go by clean teh sink shower

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