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Dirty Windows

What is it about New Year's Day that inspires so many people to start over, to set goals, and to make personal commitments to finally stick to them?

It's the blank slate. The fresh start. The clean house. The brand new. The unopened. The untarnished. The unwritten.

It's all of those things and more. But really?

It's hope. It's hope for a better tomorrow.

For a second chance.

For forgiveness.

For freedom from chains.

For sunlight on a rainy day-or in some cases? Life. So many days have gone by and we're tired. We might have given some effort in the previous year- but at some point? We threw up our hands and shouted, "Fine! You win! I give up! I can't do this!" And days turned into weeks and weeks into months and in the end?

We are not satisfied. We know we can do better. Be better. We know we should stop the madness and take back control of the two things in our life we actually can control.

Our thoughts and our actions. But we're overwhelmed and busy with life and it feels easier to just squint through our dirty windows.

We know we aren't seeing the whole picture.

We get that it might not be as bad "out there" as it looks to us right now.

But with all the dirt and grime on the glass we can't even see the sunshine when it tries to break through. So, we daily focus on the smudges and continue to beat ourselves down with guilt and feelings of inadequacies.'s a new year! And you aren't happy with that dirty window!

You aren't satisfied with that cloudy view!

You want a better, brighter outlook!'s time.

It's time!!! And don't worry.

You don't have to know everything right now. You don't even have to have the energy right now. I'm not suggesting you to go find some paper towels and cleaner and start scrubbing that grime away. I get it.

That would be too overwhelming and you might give up before you even get started.

Just open the window!!! Let the sun come pouring through! Let the bright outlook pour over you and fill your heart and mind with the hope you've been searching for!

Feel the warmth and comfort of the rays bursting through!

Don't worry about the end of the year, or even the end of the month.

Don't question if you can really do it, or if you deserve another chance. You don't need to have all the right words or all the answers.

You just need to take that one step.

One step towards dropping your chains.

One step towards a new story.

One step towards a brighter outlook.

One step towards a better ending.

And it can start by just opening that dirty window and letting the sun illuminate the words you cannot find. Your story isn't over!

Today starts the next year of 365 blank pages of your book and it's all unwritten.

You can do this! Throw open that dirty window! Sunshine & hope, Shannon Ferraby

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