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What Kind of Ripple?

You’ve heard this before. Every action creates a reaction. Sometimes we call it the ripple effect. And sometimes? We need to hear things again. And again, and again. Every choice you make, every direction you move in, creates a ripple. Sometimes in a good direction and sometimes not. One of the easiest ways to visualize this truth is by watching a small pebble be dropped into a body of water. It’s just a small pebble, being dropped in one place. But it has a huge ripple effect to the water all around the place it was dropped. In the same way, the actions you take and the words that you speak can have a ripple effect to other areas of your life and other people around you.

What type of ripple will you create today?

Are you worried? Rather than drop that worry pebble into the pond and create a ripple of negativity, try dropping a pebble of peace. Every negative thought in your mind and released out of your mouth creates a ripple of negativity and more worry. One easy and helpful way to drop a pebble of peace is to write a list of all the good things in your life and everything you are thankful for.

Are you in need of more money? Rather than drop that fear of finances pebble into the pond, creating a ripple of uncertainties and inactivity, try dropping a pebble of productivity and moving forward in the right direction. Pick one thing. Just one thing that you can do today for your business and do it. Don’t just think about it. Don’t just add it to your “to do list”. Don’t plan it for tomorrow. Do it today. Do it now. That one small pebble of productivity will create a ripple and get you moving towards meeting your financial needs. It's called "work" and it won't work unless you do. :)

Are you overwhelmed with areas you feel you are not good at? Don’t drop that “woe is me” pebble into your pond! Instead, drop a positive pebble by focusing on what you ARE good at! Don’t spend all your time and energy trying to always be better at things you are not naturally good at or interested in. Focus on areas you are interested in. Those are most likely areas you are naturally talented in as well. Get better and better at those, finding ways to incorporate what you love and where you excel into meeting your other needs! Feels better already doesn’t it? I can visualize you dropping those pebbles and as you drop peace instead of worry, productivity instead of inactivity, and positive instead of negative, you’re creating a ripple that will go far and wide towards a great today!

Dropping my pebbles too, Shannon


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