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Are you willing?

It rained all night. It rained all morning.

Heck, I think it's been cloudy, raining or snowing since October! lol

But, on the way to pick up my daughter from school, the sun was shining! I found myself, straining my neck and my eyes, searching all over the sky for the rainbow I just knew must be there!

And then I thought to myself....why don't I do this in daily life?

When the rains come, and the storms of life are raging, they always come to an end. And often there is at

least a break in the clouds. When they do, do I (do you?) just keep thinking about and feeling sad about the rain? Or do I look for the rainbows?

Challenge: the next time you face an obstacle, a hard day, are coming through a rough season, search for the beauty in your experience. What have you learned? How have you grown? What will you know to do different or better next time? How can you now help others because of your experience?

The rainbows. They are there! Sometimes we just have to be willing to search for them!


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