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Two Moments in Time

We don't ever really know where someone's beginning began. We can't say for certain what was the start of someone's end. We might think a person has burst through the ribbon at the end of their successful race or by observation guess that they have given up and won't make it to the finish. But in truth, we can't see the details of their past, the coming of their future, the place where their gun signaled and they took off, or the exact location of their designated finish line.

So why is it then, that we compare ourselves to them and assume we are ahead or behind when it's not even our race? Someone else's end might be for us, the very beginning and another's beginning might be the moment we gave up.

While walking I came upon this spot on the path.

In this specific location is one person's end of the trail

and for someone that came from the other direction? It is their beginning! Two moments in time, on the path of individual journeys, that have opposite meanings but are in the exact same place!

When I reached this spot I stood still for just a few minutes. Right on the line of beginning and end. I took a few deep breaths and asked myself, "Shannon, where are you on your journey?" I smiled as I answered myself, "Right where you should be. It's not your beginning, but neither is it your end and no one else's story is quite the same as yours." Then I turned around, facing the sign for the start of the path, and kept walking. Today is not where you started and I hope it won't be where you end. If you are feeling discouraged and ready to quit, perhaps you can do what I did on that trail. Turn around. Look at the other sign. And begin again. It's not about what you see in others or their beginnings and ends. It's not about what trips you up and slows you down. It's how you read the signs and in which direction you decide to move. Here's to you and moving forward towards unwrapping your success! Shannon

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