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What's hidden inside?


What do you see when you look at this picture? Do you see rough, dirty, boring, ordinary and even broken rocks?

"Nothing special here folks. Keep on walking. Nothing to see."

They've lived in a driveway, the same old lonely place, for quite a long time. They've been walked on, run over, cast aside and overlooked more times then they'd care to admit. They've been ignored, treated as worthless, thrown in anger and they have the scars to prove it.

Oh...wait a minute. Are we still talking about rocks? Or am I hitting a soft spot under your hard exterior? Maybe you can relate and some days feel like you're nothing special. Your rocky demeanor leads others to keep on walking...because you believe there is nothing special to see in you.

Take a closer look. Those rocks have withstood some of the toughest of conditions. Yes, they have some marks as evidence, but they weren't crushed! They are strong! Through winter's frigid cold and summer's blazing heat, they withstand the pressure, the blows, and everything that life is pouring down on them! And when we take the time, to really care and look even closer, we get the amazing pleasure of seeing this...

A dazzling treasure, hidden inside! A depth of color, rich in variety, complexity and beauty! Incredible patterns that perhaps tell a story when we allow our imagination to enjoy instead of ignore the path. Crystals shining and reflecting the light, almost shouting, "Look! Look at this wonder! How special! How unique! There is not another one like it, not in all the world!" Oh...wait a minute. Did you think I was still talking about the rocks?

Take a closer look.

Like these rocks, what you or others see on your outside only tells part of your story. There is so much beauty inside of you; no matter what your rocky exterior might choose to show.

There is not another like you, not in all the world! If others had the chance, to really get to know you...if you allowed yourself to be brave and give and serve others, with your special talents in the way that only you can...if you let them see inside. They'd find treasure!

And if this is more of a tiny pebble then a quarry moment of revalation for you, then it's time to go on a treasure expedition! Turn over some rocks and help others find, see and believe in their magnificence hidden inside!

Happy hunting! Shannon

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