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Spring Cleaning-Your Mind!

Do you feel better yet?

How many windows, drawers and baseboards do you think you'd need to scrub before you feel like you've accomplished enough and are satisfied? If you shook out all the blankets and hung them outside in the fresh air, emptied every kitchen cabinet, wiped down the shelves, and organized under your bathroom sinks, would you call it a day and your house spring cleaned?

Why do we "spring clean" anyway? Why not "winter clean" when we have more time stuck indoors? Or fall clean when we are finished with the business of summer and need to put away all those pool toys anyway. Some suggest spring cleaning began with the Iranian Norwruz. Their week right before the first week of Great Lent is referred to as Clean Week. In the Jewish custom, this cleaning frenzy is linked to Passover and the freedom of Jews from slavery in Egypt. In the not quite as distant past, the 1800s, it made sense to do a deep cleaning when the soot creating fires could be toned down after a cold winter and the windows opened back up. In recent centuries, the most common reasons suggested have less to do with religion and soot and more to do with increased sunlight and energy levels!

I never seem to have quite enough extra sunlight or energy to spring clean the way some do. If I'm not careful, I'll start comparing and conclude I'm a miserable failure and give up trying all together. How about you? Are your nick knacks dust free? Are curtains washed and re-hung? And most importantly, have you spring cleaned your mind? Those cobwebs have been been having a hay day up there and truth be told, no amount of spring cleaning your house will bring you to a place of true contentment when your mind is so full of clutter and dirt you can't see through it! Do you fall prey to the temptation that if only you could "catch up" and "clean up" you'd be able to finally focus on your tasks and goals at hand? The problem isn't likely the comparison of your house to another's. What might be holding you back is the comparison of your self and your accomplishments to another's. The real dirt that needs cleaning are the doubts in your mind, not dust bunnies under your bed.

Rather than spend today dumping out drawers, I suggest ditching your doubt.

How about spending just a few minutes sorting through thoughts instead of socks?

You'd benefit more if you compare where you were to where you are and where you want to be instead of comparing to others.

Instead of stalling what needs to be done by cleaning your desk, get to what's important and spring clean your mind! Then...get to work! The sun is shining and there is success to unwrap in your future!

Happy (mind) Spring Cleaning! Shannon

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