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Hey friend, I know I'm over 50 but life can still be the bees knees!

Do bees even have knees? That's what I want to know. I mean, how can my life, your life, anyone's life, be "the bees knees" if bees don't even have knees? I've never seen a bee kneel. I've never come across a bee wearing jeans worn in the knees. Can't say I've witnessed bees weak at the knees or enjoying a good 'ole knee-slapper either. But somehow, things that are really good; really, really good, are "the bees knees". Well, we're going knee deep into this topic to figure out what that expression means and more importantly, how WE can enjoy that kind of amazing life! Stick with me, it's going to be a knee biter. :)

Turns out that the expression caught on, long before I turned 50, in the 18th century. When it first started it was assumed bees do not, in fact, have knees. And it was a fanciful phrase intended to refer to something in the imagination. Something that didn't exist. One might be sent on a quest in search of something like a left handed hammer or the bees knees. That definition isn't going to help us one bit! I certainly don't want a life that's the bees knees, meaning it doesn't exist! I mean, I'm getting up there, but I'm not dead yet! Hear me roar!

Speaking of roaring, along came the roaring 20's and a slew of funny expressions that were made up but all meant the same thing: The top! The best! The coolest of cool!

The cat's pajamas. (not to be confused with pajamas covered in cats). The snake's hips. (think they worry about putting on the pounds when they eat too much chocolate? I mean mice?) guessed it: the bees knees!

Now we're onto something. The top! The best! The coolest of cool! That's the kind of life I want. How about you?

But still, I am left wondering, do bees really have knees? Or is it just a made up silly phrase? I don't want to be a wurp but we should know our onions!

As it turns out, one of my new #lifeafter50 hobbies is back yard beekeeping. Yup! That's me in that photo! We have 2 hives in our backyard, and it's been an incredible learning experience with just a few stings along the way. (literally and figuratively). One of the coolest things I've ever seen is when the bees carry the pollen guessed it...their knees! Ok, well, it's more like their legs. They have 6 of them. But, they do have joints!

That's a photo of one of our worker bees. This one looks to be just getting started with collection for the day, and only has pollen on her feet so far. But, can you see them? Look at those gorgeous knees! They're fabulous I tell you! About the best looking knees I've ever seen!

Alright, you've likely had enough of your 18th century, roaring 20's, bee keeping lessons for the day. What's the point?

Maybe you won't ever take up backyard beekeeping, but the world is your oyster (don't get me started, I don't actually even like oysters!) and there are so many opportunities ahead, people to meet and enjoy, places to see, experiences to try and age has nothing on the bees knees life ahead for you! Maybe you've followed one of my blogs in the past and maybe you've noticed a bit of a shift in focus. Maybe you're new and just finding me! Either way, I sure am glad you are here and I'm excited to bee on this journey over 50 together!

Sincerely, Shannon

PS...wurp is another fun word from the 20's and it basically means a kill joy, or person ruining the fun. Know our onions is an expression that means knowing information about a certain topic. :)